#8: Side Hustle Spotlight with Corvi Creations

Feb 11, 2021

 Hey you! I opened up the doors to my signature program, the Side Hustle Academy on Wednesday where I teach first-time female entrepreneurs how to start and launch the business of their dreams. In celebration of this, I’ve been bringing my graduates on to my Instagram Lives and chatting in depth about their businesses and time inside the Side Hustle Academy. I had a really passionate and powerful discussion with Caylie, the founder of Corvi Creations this week and wanted to share that conversation with you. She has built a business that sparks her heart, but also is profitable. Join us to learn how she’s done that! 

During this episode Jan discusses:

[3:36] Meet Caylie, the powerhouse behind Corvi Creations 

[6:38] The hardest part of building her business and how Caylie is overcoming imposter syndrome. 

[12:26] The story of Gertrude, the piano that found a new life with Caylie and its 151-year-old story.     

[18:18] How the Side Hustle Academy has helped her to find success in her business.    

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