Monday, September 25 @ 1pm ET / 10am PT

How to Scale Your Business

5 Proven Steps to Skyrocket Your Business Growth

In this LIVE training, you'll learn...

  • The MOST effective ways to achieve substantial business growth and financial success while staying ahead of your competition.
  • The mindset shift that all subject matter experts need to make in order to boost revenue while keeping things efficient.
  • The art of generating top-notch leads that drive significant results, without relying on a massive following or email list.
  • The financial strategies and metrics that will empower you to make data-driven decisions, maximize revenue, and secure long-term financial success for your business.

"Jan has completely transformed my business! I've had a successful business for 5 years and have taken all the courses, trainings, bootcamps and had numerous coaches. None of them taught me what Jan has."

Ashley Patrick, Budgets Made Simple

This is a must-attend if you...

  • Have been feeling stuck in your business and know you want to make a bigger impact but don't know where to start.
  • Are tired of spinning your wheels to grow your business and want to know what to focus on (and what to ignore!).
  • Have been trying to grow your business alone and are ready to learn the right strategies to get ahead.
  • Are 100% committed to growing the business of your dreams and being your own boss. 

Hey you! I'm Jan.

I spent 20-years transforming business ideas into success stories, and now I teach women how to grow and scale their business the right way.

Throughout my career, I have seen so many passionate and purpose-driven women trying to make sense of the plethora of conflicting advice when it comes to growing a sustainable, profitable business. I'm going to show you what to focus on so you can create the business of your dreams and get paid.

If you are willing to invest 60-minutes of your time with me, I'll get you fully up to speed on the five of most effective areas to focus on as subject matter expert and emerging entrepreneur. 

After this free masterclass, my goal is for you to never feel like you are struggling to understand how to make your business work and instead find clarity in growing a sustainable business. One that is making money and changing people's lives! 

x Jan Ditchfield