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I teach first-time entrepreneurs and professionally driven women the effective framework to build a profitable career and master business technology with confidence. 


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As an award-winning serial entrepreneur with over 20 years working as a business advisor, Jan Ditchfield gained a unique insight into the challenges that women face when trying to navigate their professional goals when they aren’t presented with a roadmap to follow.

So, Jan created the roadmap and now teaches women the effective action steps to take in order to build their first business or move their career in the direction that best serves them.

Jan’s to the point, approachable style of teaching helps to keep women moving toward obtaining the career they dream of and the life they deserve.  


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Resume Builder Blueprint

Learn how to build a resume that will get pulled from the plie. In the Resume Builder Blueprint, I break down the proven framework of a successful CV into an easy to follow guide that shows you the secrets behind writing a great resume, so you can take control of your career and achieve your professional goals.


Tech School for Startups

In the Tech School for Startups, I take away the headaches of having to master business technology by teaching you the step-by-step actions on how to create your online presence and use the platforms to your benefit as a professional or first-time entrepreneur in simple, easy-to-follow lessons.


Side Hustle Academy

The Side Hustle Academy is my signature course uniquely designed to help women start an online business by replacing the fear of being a first-time entrepreneur with the business know-how you need to write a business case, master technology and launch with confidence.


Hey Spark Plug! Podcast

Looking for quick, to-the-point tips on how to get your career goals moving in the right direction? You've found it!

Each Tuesday, join Jan as she shares quick and easy actionable lessons to help you reach your career goals and interviews inspiring women who have gone before us. If you’re a first-time entrepreneur or a professionally driven woman who wants to learn how to move forward in business with confidence, then this is the podcast for you! 


Monja De Luca

"When I heard about the Side Hustle Academy, I signed up immediately. Working with Jan made the idea of being a solopreneur exciting instead of scary and she delivers the information clearly and concisely.  Thank you, Jan!" 

Hélène Hébert

"I am amazed by the quality of services Jan has offered me. This whole experience of working with her was a huge confidence booster for me. I highly recommend her. Bravo Jan! You really get what women need."

Sarah LeClair

"Every time I met with Jan I left feeling empowered, like I could reach any and all goals I set for myself. Finally someone who understands the struggles and fears mothers face trying to re-enter the workforce!"

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