Side Hustle Academy

The most comprehensive program for building, marketing, launching and growing a profitable small business.

Side Hustle Academy is the only online training program of its kind that not only teaches you the exact strategies to start or grow a small business ‚Äď but also how to market and run it so you can transform your passion into¬†profits.¬†


Before I Tell You About This Transformational Program, Let's Talk About Who This Is For...

You're a dreamer with no shortage of drive to build a business that impacts the lives of countless people, while providing you with the lifestyle you dream of having.

Whether you're...

  • dreaming of starting a small business¬†but feeling overwhelmed because you don't know the right steps to take to turn it into something concrete

  • an entrepreneur in the making who has been struggling¬†to grow your sales and¬†you¬†want to¬†see your dream take off

  • trying to use your¬†talents and passion¬†to build something sustainable and meaningful for your family

You're in the right place and I'm going to tell you how Side Hustle Academy is going to give you the tools, confidence and unmatched support on your journey of building and growing the small business of your dreams.

By the end of this program you will have...

Laid your rock-solid business foundation

by clarifying your mission, who your dream customer is, uniting your why with your strategy and developing an offer that people have been waiting for.

Created your strategy to stand out in the market

by defining your special sauce, establishing the right partnerships and harnessing your unique talents so you can shine a spotlight on your business.

Grown your sales & your profits

by learning how to set prices and understand your numbers so you can confidently ask for what you're worth and skyrocket your sales. 

Designed a website and brand

that your customers love, is beautiful to look at and converts to sales and repeat, loyal business.

Built a marketing strategy that converts followers to customers

by establishing your voice, mastering your messaging and amplifying your reach without feeling inauthentic or pushy. 

Worked your plan to launch to profit

so you're guaranteed to get customers knocking on your virtual door in your first week of business.

Caylie Corvinelli, CEO Corvi Creations

"This program has helped change my life. Not only does Jan give you a step-by-step process to create your own business, she supports you along the way, and the knowledge and tools that I’ve walked away with will go much further then this season in my life. This experience has helped me take that step out of my comfort zone to living a more joyful and fulfilled life. I couldn’t have done it without Jan’s course."

Side Hustle Academy is CLOSED for enrollment


My Academy Alumni are Making Big Things Happen for Themselves

"TheAcademy has been pivotal in helping me establish my small business. Jan really created a truly inspiring program that is catered to building a strong foundation for new business owners without feeling isolated in the process."

Amanda Ferguson, When Studio

"Choosing to join The Academy was not an easy choice for me. I was worried about the cost and the prospect of investing in me, but I am so glad I did. Her program gave me the courage and the step by step knowledge I needed to make this dream a reality. I know that I am succeeding right now because of Jan's help and knowledge."

Erica Gilles, Sacred Tree Sewing

"Prior to signing up for The Academy I had participated in everything free Jan had to offer. I loved the way she taught. As an established business, making the investment in joining the program gave me the confidence that all the foundational pieces of my business were in place, and it also made me rethink and improve certain aspects of my business."

Jennifer Neale, Nutrition IQ

"I was blown away by this program! The Academy is packed with every tool you need to start a business. As someone who took several business courses in college, I can honestly say this course eclipses every single one of them! Not only is Jan extremely knowledgeable, she made me feel supported every step of the way. I'm forever grateful!"

Nidia Luna, Classy Siren Boutique

"The Academy gave me a systematic way to think through my business idea. Jan resolved questions I had been stuck on incisively, and I gained confidence in my idea throughout the course. I continue to value the community of women who are going through a similar experience. It is because of Jan and The Academy that I launched my own social enterprise."

Sarah Tait, Fabrick Collective

"I can not believe how much Jan's teachings work. She has a proven method for creating a business and provides such terrific support for her student entrepreneurs to succeed.  I recently launched my business, and I have paying customers daily. I’m so happy! I get to do my dream job." 

HeŐĀleŐÄne HeŐĀbert, HeŐĀleŐÄne HeŐĀbert compagnie

What's Inside Side Hustle Academy 


Lay Your Rock Solid Business Foundation

Here's where you're going to learn the 7 most important elements of laying the foundations of your business that lead to your long-term success. In this module, I'm going to teach you how to get total clarity around what you do and who you serve in your business.  

You're going to get on the fast track to deciding the best business model for you, the problem you solve and who your dream customer is. You'll get the inside scoop on how to build a business based on what matters most to your and makes a difference in the lives of others

Finally, you'll learn how to stand out from your competition and have a crystal clear picture on the creating an offer that people are begging to buy from you.


Create Your Strategy To Stand Out In Your Market

In this module, you're going to create your out of this world strategy to stand out in any market...regardless of how crowded it is! Discover what is so unique about you and how to position your secret sauce in the eyes of our customers. 

You'll define the value you offer, the RIGHT channels for you to reach your audience and how to create partnerships that matter


Grow Your Sales and Your Profits

This is all about the money, honey! In this module, you'll learn how to know what your worth and how to ask for it...and GET IT!

You'll get the inside scoop on pricing your offer without turning off your customers (getting this right is critical). Plus, you will master budgeting, establish an effortless sales funnel and set up a customer loyalty plan that keep people coming back for more!


Design a Website and Brand Your Customers Love

A great brand makes for a great business! Discover how to create one that not only motivates your customers to buy from you, but also makes them excited to be part of your community

Then you'll build a website that is beautiful AND makes sales happen effortlessly. It's simpler than you think and easy...even if you're not tech savvy!


Build A Marketing Strategy That Converts Fans Into Loyal Customers

Can you imagine never having to wonder what to talk about on social media or how to market your business again? This is the module that will make that dream come true for you! 

You'll learn to create a marketing plan that makes you stand out in the crowd effortlessly, all while showing up on camera live to confidently sell to your adoring audience. 

High five to that!  



Work Your Plan To Launch To Profit

Get ready to set things on fire in this module! Who knew launching a business could be this simple AND profitable thanks to a couple of key decisions. 

You'll learn the 'Ditchfield Design' for structuring a successful business launch that leads to profits in your first week of business, without ever having to worry about the fear of starting your business draining you of your energy and motivation.


When you enroll during this special, limited time period, you'll get...

Side Hustle Academy

(A $997 Value)

6 Execution Modules

showing you everything you need to know to turn your business idea from zero dollars in revenue to your first 5-figures. 

Stress free marketing, social media plan 

that converts followers to customers and amplifies your business and sales goals authentically. 

A next level sales strategy

that forever removes your fear of selling and replaces it with the confidence to ask and get what you're worth in your business.

A step-by-step launch plan

showing you the exact steps to take to launch your business to profits in your first week while attracting your dream customers.


You'll be given access to one module a week per week - so that you have loads of time to dive into your lessons and execute your homework BEFORE moving on to the next part of your business plan.

We do this to remove the overwhelm, protect your time and keep you focused on your end goal...creating a business of impact.

Plus all of These Extra Bonuses To Help You Take Your Side Hustle To the Next Level (and beyond!)


Monthly Live Q&A Sessions with Jan Inside the Private Side Hustle Academy Facebook Group for Members Only

Get unbelievable support that will help you get unstuck and keep moving forward as your build your business.

(A $597 Value)

  • 3 months of live Q&A sessions to make sure you can get all of your questions answered and roadblocks removed.¬†
  • A highly engaged and supportive Facebook community with fellow students, Jan Ditchfield, Ashley Patrick and Team Ditchfield to guide you through every step of your planning.¬†
  • A safe space to overcome self doubt and isolation as a small business owner by connecting with like-minded women who understand the journey and are cheering you on toward the finish line.¬†¬†


10 Business Bonus Lessons That Help You Learn How to Run Your Business Like a Boss

Never have to worry again...'now what?' in your business.

(A $197 Value)

  •  10 Bonus Lessons and Workshops covering topics from time management, to running your business as a mom and more.
  • Learn how to be a powerhouse boss with lessons on copyright infringement, understanding your metrics and how to set yourself up for success. 
  • Dive into a bank of tech trainings and resources that remove the overwhelm in your business so you can focus on doing what you do best. 


Ways to Make Money Workshop with Ashley Patrick of Budgets Made Easy

Get help to find the perfect side hustle for you to create from the ground up

(A $97 Value)

  • When you enroll in¬†Side Hustle Academy, you'll get a ticket to¬†Ashley Patrick's exclusive workshop helping you to find the right idea for your side hustle
  • Discover the best businesses to run from home with little to no money to start or experience to run¬†

Marian Jordan, MarmiT Creations

"Whether you are an established or a fledgling business, you need to have a solid foundation if you hope to build to the next level. This is what Jan offers through The Academy. By following her recipe for success, we now have a laser focus and we are starting to see results. We know who we are talking to, and how to talk to them. We highly recommend Jan, who is a skilled and experienced trainer and educator. Join The Academy if you want to do business the right way, from the ground up."

It's Time to Invest in Your Dream

If you’re a first-time entrepreneur or one in the making who is ready to make a change in your life by pursuing your dreams of becoming your own boss while being supported and encouraged every step of the way, then you are in the right place.   

Side Hustle Academy will give you the knowledge, tools and confidence you need to achieve your dream of running a successful side hustle while being supported every step of the way.  

You deserve to have a successful business...

In an ideal world, you could just make something pretty and put it up on Instagram and poof! - people start throwing their money at you. We both know it doesn’t happen that way. I know how hard you’ve been working to turn your passion into something profitable, because I've done it too. I grew my first business to 6-figures and made every mistake before I started doing everything the right way.  

You know that you have the drive to run your dream business – you are determined to succeed. But, always struggling to get traction in your business is tiring and has left your feeling a little lost to understand what to do next.  

It's easy to think you need to figure it out on your own. That's what most new small business owners do, but you my friend, are in the right place. I'm going to pull back the curtains on what makes a small business successful and help get you on the path to profit.

I believe in your dream! Let me help you make it become a reality. 

x Jan