Introducing Side Hustle Academy

The only program you'll ever need for starting and launching a profitable online business without the overwhelm. 

The Side Hustle Academy is the ultimate business building program for first-time female entrepreneurs who are ready to build a profitable business with a proven step-by-step framework that guarantees the creation of a  business plan that leads to sales in the first week of operations and removes the overwhelm of mastering the technology to keep it running smoothly.   


If you’re a first-time entrepreneur or one in the making who is ready to make a change in your life by pursuing your dreams of becoming your own boss while being supported and encouraged every step of the way, then you are in the right place.   


In an ideal world, you could just make something pretty and put it up on Instagram and poof! - people start throwing their money at you. We both know it doesn’t happen that way. After more than two decades helping to put businesses back on the right track, I know how hard you’ve been working to turn your passion into something profitable.  

It's not that you don't have the drive to run your dream business – you are determined to succeed. But, always struggling to get traction in your business is tiring and has left your feeling a little lost to understand what to do next.  

It's easy to think you need to figure it out on your own. That's what most early entrepreneurs do, but you my friend, are in the right place. I’m going to tell you how Side Hustle Academy will give you the knowledge, tools and confidence you need to achieve your dream of running your own business.


By the end of this program you will have...


Confidently Created a Business Plan

that is rooted in strategy and forever removes the "guessing" from your business moving forward AND leads you directly to your ideal customers so you are making money in week one!

Developed an Outstanding Marketing Plan

which positions you as an expert in your industry, talks directly to the heart of your customers AND removes imposter syndrome from your mindset.

Banished Tech Overwhelm Forever

by confidently mastering the tools you need to have in your business, learning how to use them effectively and with purpose so you can spend time on what matters more...making sales!  

"Whether you are an established or a fledgling business, you need to have a solid foundation if you hope to build to the next level. This is what Jan offers through her Side Hustle Academy. By following Jan's recipe for success, we now have a laser focus and we are starting to see results. We know who we are talking to, and how to talk to them. We highly recommend Jan, who is a skilled and experienced trainer and educator. And once the training ends, she doesn't disappear. She is there a resource that we can call upon if we need a question answered. Consider the Side Hustle Academy if you want to do business the right way, from the ground up." 

Marian Jordan and Tim Scapillato, Side Hustle Academy Graduates 

A Little Sampling of My Amazing Graduates

"I was blown away by this program! The Side Hustle Academy is packed with every tool you need to start a business. As someone who took several business courses in college, I can honestly say this course eclipses every single one of them! Not only is Jan extremely knowledgeable, she made me feel supported every step of the way. I'm forever grateful!"

Nidia Luna, CEO Classy Siren Boutique

"Joining the Side Hustle Academy was one of the best choices I made for my family in 2020. Not only did Jan give me the tools to go from idea to launch but her continued support has given me the confidence to know that my business will thrive."

Kathleen McDonald, CEO 

"The Side Hustle Academy gave me a systematic way to think through my business idea. Jan resolved questions I had been stuck on incisively, and I gained confidence in my idea throughout the course. I continue to value the community of women who are going through a similar experience. It is because of Jan and the Academy that I am getting ready to launch my own social enterprise."

Sarah Tait, CEO Fabrick Collective

"The Side Hustle Academy has helped change my life. Not only does Jan give you a step-by-step process to create your own business, she supports you along the way, and the knowledge and tools that I’ve walked away with will go much further then this season in my life. This experience has helped me take that step out of my comfort zone to living a more joyful and fulfilled life. I couldn’t have done it without Jan’s course."

Caylie Corvinelli, CEO Corvi Creations

"The Side Hustle Academy gave me both the confidence and tools I needed and otherwise wouldn't have had to start my own business. Jan and the SHA community have been an incredible source of support through every step of this process."

Victoria Elliott-Kwan, CEO StrongHouse Coaching

What's Inside Side Hustle Academy

Creating Your Foundation

I’m going to help you establish your foundation. And you're talking about everything from deciding on your business ownership, how to define a problem, how to create a solution that sells, pinpointing your ideal customer avatar, and analyzing your competition.

Establishing Your Ethics

You'll how to outline out the values and ethics that matter to you and learn how to incorporate them into your business daily so you can run a business that you are proud of, as well as understand core business ethics in day-to-day operations.

Positioning Your in the Market

You’re going to craft your value proposition, define your unfair advantage and define your positioning statement, which is going to be that piece that's going to help really leverage you when it comes to marketing moving forward.

Establishing Your Metrics

This is all about success metrics, identifying your channels, leveraging key partners resources, and naming key success factors in your business.

Financial Planning

This is all about about the money, honey, including establishing your cost structure, identifying revenue streams, and establishing your pricing.

Mastering Sales

Selling doesn't need to feel sleazy! In this module, you'll learn how to get comfortable learning how to serve your clients and sell your product ethically and with class. 

Developing Your Brand

This is where things get fun! I'll teach you how to develop a brand that resonates with people, including how to select your colours, fonts and even design your own logo.

Web Development

Learn how to build your own website, including how to write and design your homepage properly so that it leads to sales in your business.

Creating a Marketing Plan

I'll show you how to create a simple marketing plan to bring attention to your business, including how to use social media to your advantage and how to get comfortable on camera during Lives.

Mentorship Week

You'll spend time with me going over your business case and making any adjustments needed before you take it to market to ensure you're ready to launch.

Launch Week

It's time to go to market where I’m going to teach you a launch plan that is guaranteed to get customers knocking on your virtual door in your first week of business.

How to Work as a Mom

Now that you're running, I'll show you how to keep the momentum in your business as a working mother, including knowing what to focus on and where to find the time during your day to scale your business.

When you enroll during this special, limited time period,

you’ll get:

The Side Hustle Academy Framework

where you where you spend 12-weeks with me learning how to build a business case that is lasting, including branding and marketing strategies.

Tech & Resource Libraries

to help remove the overwhelm by showing you the best platforms to use and how to make them work for your business.  

Weekly & Ongoing Support 

in 2 Members-only private groups where you will get support and encouragement as you grow.

Live Group Coaching

once a month to help guide your business toward long-term success and profitability.  

There’s literally no risk involved, because you’re backed by my 14-day money back guarantee!

I believe in the quality of what I am offering you. So much so, that if you join the Side Hustle Academy, put in the work and don't find value in the course, then I will give you your money back...but I know you're going to love everything about it!  

Meet Jan Ditchfield -

your new Business BFF!

I can't wait to meet you inside the Side Hustle Academy. 

I know what it takes to grow a dream into a successful business and I want to show the right path to take so you can too. 

With over 20 years of business experience, I've launched 4 startups, oversaw the operations of countless business as a private consultant and have been responsible for over $20 million in revenue.  

I invite you to join me inside the Side Hustle Academy where I will personally walk your through everything you need to know to transfer your passions into a actionable plan that will bring you sales and professional satisfaction without the overwhelm. 

I believe in your dream! Let me show you how to make it become a reality. 

x Jan