#5: The Biggest Lie You are Telling Yourself and How it is Holding You Back in Business

Jan 20, 2021


Hey you! I talk a lot about business principles with my students and in my social channels, but today I wanted to dig into mindset and look at the biggest lie you are telling yourself as a first-time entrepreneur and how it is holding you back in your business. Honestly, if I had a dime for every time I have heard someone say this to me, I’d be obnoxiously wealthy by now! In this episode, I’ll walk you through what that lie is, why it is so commonly believed and three ways to overcome it.  

During this episode Jan discusses:

  • [2:14]: What the biggest lie is you are telling yourself as a first-time entrepreneur. 
  • [2:48] The key to defining your unique value.  
  • [4:32] The first step in knowing how to discover what makes you unique in relation to your business.  
  • [4:56] Step two, how your unique advantage separates you from your competition. 
  • [5:26] Lastly, the questions to be asking yourself to help shift your mindset toward success. 
  • [6:05] Success is a skill that needs to be practiced in order to master it. 

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