Business Idea Bootcamp: A 30-Day Business Kickstarter for Purpose-driven Small Business Owners

Learn the 8 key decision to take your business idea to the next level to turn your passion into profits while making a major impact on the world around you. 

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You Have What it Takes to Follow Your Dream


If you've been struggling to get your business off the ground and have no idea why you can't get the darn thing to grow, you're in the right place! After more than two decades working in business, I know the proven steps to turn an idea into a small business that's sustainable and meaningful, and I'm going to break them all down for you in my Bootcamp...for FREE. 

This Bootcamp is for you if:⁣

  • You've been dreaming of being your own boss, but are afraid to take the first step.⁣
  • You have a business already and are ready to blow it up big time.
  • You want to increase your financial security and be present for your children. ⁣
  • You're driven to do something that brings joy to your life professionally and make a difference in the lives of others.⁣

If you see yourself in this, then come on over and grab yourself a spot in my Bootcamp. I'll see you there! 


8 Key Choices

Learn 8 of the most important choices to make in order to create a clear and confident strategy for your business idea.

Live Training

Short, fast and high impact Live trainings to help you go from overwhelmed and unsure to a confident small business owner.

Weekly Q&A

Every week, I'll answer your questions and help you work through your plan with my two decades of business experience.

Loads of Free Stuff!

You'll be able to get some great prizes to help you as small biz owner during our challenges, giveaways and contests.

Meet Your Instructor

Jan Ditchfield is an award-winning social entrepreneur and business educator. With over 20 years of experience in business development, marketing and operations, Jan built her career helping businesses to thrive. She has successfully founded two non-profit organizations, three for profit businesses and has been responsible for over $20 million dollars of revenue in her career. 

She is also the creator of the Impact Business Academy, a highly successful course that teaches women how to start and launch their first business so they are profitable from the start. Within her Bootcamp, Jan breaks down eight key strategies that all small business owners need to make before taking their idea to market in short, high-impact and fun lessons so you can move forward with confidence! 

You Can Do This!

When your time in the Bootcamp is done, you’ll have knowledge, tools and confidence you need to achieve your dream of running a successful 5-figure business while being supported every step of the way.