#41: 4 Things That Need To Be Below The Fold on Your Website


On this episode I wanted to chat about websites. More specifically, the four things you should have below the fold on your small business website. We all want a gorgeous website, but we also need one that will help us close sales. 

Want to know the four things that need to be ABOVE the fold on your website? There’s an episode for that! Episode #12


In this episode:

[3:43] Build trust with your customers with social proof.

[6:36] Doesn’t matter what you sell, you need it!

[9:22] Offer a FREE resource section

[11:38] Our success indicators

[14:07] The Bootcamp will be back!


Links in this episode:

[2:42] Episode #12: 4 Things You Need Above the Fold on Your Website

[8:40]  Live workshop: The 4 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets to Transform Your Followers into Customers

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