#12: 4 Things That Need to be Above The Fold on Your Website

Mar 31, 2021

Hey you! On this episode I sat down to chat about websites and the 4 things that should be above the fold on your site. These are the first things everyone sees on your website, so they matter in how you want people to get to know you. Do you know what action you want someone to take when they land on your website? What do you want to sell them? How should you lay out your site to move your visitors into your funnel? Let’s find out…

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In this episode, Jan discusses:

[1:37] The Entrepreneur Conference is back, and we’re focused on leveling up your online business presence

[5:28] The 4 things that go above the fold on a website

[8:53] Your value proposition... why is it so important?

[20:14] Fantastic guest package for The Entrepreneur Conference 


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[19:54] The Entrepreneur Conference – Free Virtual Ticket!

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