#38: Building a Sustainable Social Enterprise with Sarah Tait


On this episode I am thrilled to be joined by one of my grads, Sarah Tait! As a graduate of the Side Hustle Academy, Sarah has connected the need for gently used kids' clothing into a social enterprise that's directly improving housing for criminalized women in our community!

Sarah Tait is the owner of Fabrick Collective, a social enterprise that simplifies shopping for second-hand kids' clothes while raising money for the Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa, a charity that provides housing for criminalized women as they rebuild their lives. In her former life as an academic criminologist, she interviewed hundreds of prisoners about the harms of incarceration. Following 10 years at home with her four children, she is embracing business ownership as a means to make a sustainable financial contribution to her community and family.




Elizabeth Fry Society


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In this episode:

[5:47] Academia to motherhood to social enterprise!

[13:52] Community and giving back

[17:02] It’s all about sustainability 

[20:37] How has it been to be a mother of 4 children and a business owner?

[26:51] How was your experience in Side Hustle Academy

[29:19] Advice for someone who is where you we’re at the start of your business journey?


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