#36: Giving Back in Business with Sara Ballantyne


On this week’s episode I’m really excited to be joined by one of my graduates, Sara Ballantyne, Creator of Unstoppable Mama and Founder of Unstoppable Prints Co! We chatted all about pursing what it is that lights you up and finding ways to do it that are supporting the people around you at the same time.

Sara Ballantyne – Blogger/Designer/Author

As an Ottawa mom of two young kids, Sara expanded her lifestyle blog, Unstoppable Mama, and founded Unstoppable Prints Co, a trendy print shop focused on giving back. Unstoppable Prints Co creates beautiful minimalistic prints perfect for any nursery, playroom, or home. From impeccable foiling to handcrafted wax details, these prints are one of a kind and have a variety of custom options. She also does family line illustrations which transforms your family photos into modern pieces of art.

Sara has self-published a children’s book which is scheduled to be released later this year. With beautiful illustrations, a short catchy story, and a positive message, her book is sure to put a smile on both mothers and children’s faces. A portion of every print and book sold is donated to help mothers and their children in our community.





In this episode:

[2:19] Who are you and why are you so fabulous? 

[9:09] Supporting initiatives 

[12:37] Journey to business owner

[18:19] What about mom guilt and business?

[22:36] “I want to make everyone a role model”

[28:32] Advice for someone just starting out?


Links in this episode:

[32:46] Business Idea Bootcamp: A 30-Day Business Kickstarter for Female Entrepreneurs in the Making

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