#34: Balancing Motherhood and a New Business with Natasha Mott


On this episode I wanted to revisit an Instagram Live I did with one of my graduates, Natasha Mott of Down Home Designs. This is a really inspiring conversation that everyone should hear. 

As a grad of the Side Hustle Academy, Natasha has transformed her artistic talents into a profitable business while trying to balance motherhood. Her unique ability to add sparkle to the lives of her customers through her unique, handcrafted keepsakes is putting her on a path to profit!

You can find Natasha and her fabulous designs below:




Exciting News! 

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On this episode:

[5:39] What’s your business all about?

[8:37] “I had a hobby that I was trying to pretend was a business”

[12:31] Side Hustler to CEO?

[16:04] How was the journey through Side Hustle Academy? 

[20:19] Everything changed!

 Links in this episode:

[29:35] Impact: A Business Community for Passionate Entrepreneurs in the Making

 [30:14] Business Idea Bootcamp: A 30-Day Business Kickstarter for Female Entrepreneurs in the Making

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