#33: Top 5 Missteps You're Making in Your New or Existing Business (+ How to Fix Them!)


This week’s episode is all about missteps we make in our early days of our business. I went through the top 5 things that you might not have even realized you’ve done in your business and how to correct them. One is as simple as your email address!

Exciting News! 

If you've been thinking that this is the time for you to start your own business, or if you have a business that you've been running for a while, and you're ready to take it to the next level, then I invite you to join me in my free 30-day business kickstarter called the Business Idea Bootcamp. We officially kick off in September, and I'm going to be walking you through a whole month of trainings, focusing on eight key decisions that every business owner needs to be making in order to take their idea into from spark to launch. Join me at janditchfield.co/bootcamp

In this episode:

[2:26]  Are you solving a problem that your potential customer has?

[4:45]  Get professional! 

[7:04]  What’s your Niche?

[8:56]  Who is your Ideal Customer?

[11:32] Are you validating your offer?

[14:32]  Buy all your domains! Trust me.

Links in this episode:

 [20:21] Business Idea Bootcamp: A 30-Day Business Kickstarter for Female Entrepreneurs in the Making

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Impact: A Business Community for Passionate Entrepreneurs in the Making

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