#99: How a Podcast Can Build Your Business with Adam Schaeuble

no bs business school Sep 22, 2022

Are you trying to grow your business with a podcast and struggling to know the right steps to take?

Then you're going to love this episode!

I'm joined by professional podcaster and my podcast coach, Adam Schaeuble to talk about the key actions to take to transform your podcast into a funnel for your business. 

We talk about...

  • How to successfully market your podcast and understand the algorithm to increase your downloads
  • The most common mistakes that podcasters make and how to avoid them
  • Where your podcast fits into your business funnel and how to create an offer directly from it

If you're looking for podcasting growth tips and how to use your show to create consistent content in your business, this is the episode for you. 

About Adam Schaeuble:

Adam Schaeuble is a full time podcaster, podcasting business consultant, and the host of the top ranked podcast: Podcasting Business School.  Adam helps frustrated podcasters to stop hearing crickets and start making money without sponsors or a giant audience.

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