#76: 7 Steps to Fix Your Website Funnel

Jul 14, 2022

Your website is the start of your funnel, so if you want to grow your sales you need to make sure you have it setup to work in your favour. 

On this episode of the podcast, I'm auditing five small business websites and making some suggestions on quick fixes they can make to their sites to help turn visitors into customers. 

If you're looking to learn...

  •  How to create a lead magnet that people are excited to download
  • The best call-to-action language to use on your website that drives people to connect with you
  • How to use social proof and testimonials to get more customers
  • What you need on your website to generate more leads and grow your business 

If you're ready to dial in on creating a funnel that feels authentic, easy and makes you money...this is the episode for you!

Businesses featured on this episode:

Tara Gratto, Raising Resilient Children
Neurona Link
The Doodle Pro
RYS Coaching Solutions
Stacia Archer-Clarke


If you're trying to grow your business and need some expert eyes to look over your funnel, then sign up for a  No BS Funnel Audit where I'll help you get dialed in on where to focus to grow your customers and your revenue...for free!

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