#71: How Toxic Positivity Holds Women Back in Business

Jun 23, 2022

Toxic positivity is holding women back in business.

That's a heavy statement, but one that we need to be talking about. When I moved from my career into the online world, I wasn't prepared for the amount of business advice that was tossed around that didn't do much to help women get ahead.

So, in my very first episode of my new podcast, I'm breaking down why we need to start having more authentic conversations about the reality of starting and growing a business.

And it's not all filled with happy days and perfect customers.

If you're looking for some straight talk on marketing messages versus the realties of business, then jump into this episode!

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The path to success in business shouldn’t be a mystery. It takes planning, mastering the boring stuff and learning to ignore advice that will never serve you. Each Thursday, join Jan as she shares strategies to help you grow your business without the fluff, gimmicks & nonsense that is filling your feed on the ‘Gram.


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