#65: 3 Steps to Market Your Small Business to the Right Customers


Are you feeling frustrated trying to get your small business in front of the right people?

I think it is so incredibly important that more small business owners really understand the value of marketing, in connection with business acumen. So I thought today, I'd chat a little bit about those three areas you need to focus on to connect with the people who are the right customers for you.

Let's look at the three things that you need to narrow down on, and get clear about when it comes to understanding how to put together your marketing and promotion strategy.

In this episode:

[ 2:52] Know your voice and your people.

[ 10:19] Build your influence and your assets.

[ 15:06] How to attract your community

...follow that and you, my friend, are going to be unstoppable. 

Links in this episode:

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