#64: 10 Simple Tweaks to Make to Your Business Website


Want to know a few simple tweaks to make to your business website to help keep people hanging out on it longer? Catch this episode where I review three small business websites and recommend 10 things they (and you!) could optimize on their sites to grow their sales.

Last week, I threw up a story on Instagram and I asked if anybody wanted any feedback on their business websites. I got a flood of people requesting me to take a look at what they had up, but I narrowed it down to three people.

I'm going to look at three business today and talk about their websites, and some things that they could do to tweak them in order to make them kind of work a little bit better, or optimizing a bit so that they're really more pointed towards selling. I teach about websites a lot inside of my program. And whether it is impact business academy, or whether my new program Small Business Builder, websites have focused on both, because one of the mistakes that a lot of us making business is we focus our energy on our websites looking really pretty, but don't put any effort into actually optimizing them to do what we need them to do, which is to bring us leads that convert into customers.

In this episode:

[4:56] #1: Make sure you're using the right URL for your site.

[9:52] #2: Don't forget about your Favicon!

[11:17] #3: Optimize your above the fold of your site.

[18:06] #4: Move your social media links to your footer.

[18:52] #5: Make sure your Call to Action buttons stand out.

[22:08] #6: Embed your email signup on your site directly.

[24:09] #7: Dial in on your lead magnet.

[26:13] #8: Put yourself on your homepage!

[28:44] #9: Talk about your benefits, not just your services.

[32:00] #10: Don't forget about your footer!

Links in this episode:

Learn more about the businesses featured in this episode!

Somm Grape Pairings

Sarah Reckman & Co. 

Do Re Mi Bracelets Etc. 


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