#62: What to Say No to as a Business Owner


I recently had an opportunity presented to me that I thought was pretty exciting. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized it didn’t fit in my business plan. So I wanted to chat with you a bit today about really examining in your own business which opportunities will benefit you and why we really need to stop and think before we open that door to anyone who shows up.


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In this episode:

[3:18] How do you get comfortable saying ‘no’?

[4:47] Say No to #1: Random Partnerships

[8:01] Say No to #2: Advice from everyone

[12:14] Say No to #3: Things that will make you money, but won’t make you happy

[15:17] Say No to #4: Cutting prices and discounts (unless you do it strategically!) 

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[16:08] Episode #57: The Best Sales Strategy to Make Quick Sales

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