#56: Becoming the Master of One Thing with Laurie Joy


On this week's episode I had a really inspiring conversation about the struggles and triumphs of building a profitable business with Laurie Joy! Laurie is a teacher/professor turned entrepreneurial powerhouse on a mission to teach women how to launch successful businesses using bootcamps.

Laurie Joy, Owner of Launch It Live Academy
She helps female entrepreneurs have 5 figure, consistent launches using 5-day Bootcamps. She is a proud wife and mother and hosts a bustling community of female entrepreneurs supporting each other while they learn to launch SIMPLY! When she’s not supporting her ladies, you can find her sitting down with a glass of wine and reading a life-changing book under a cozy blanket, or playing Mario Kart with her 12 year old son and sharing nachos and an episode of Schitt’s Creek with her hubby of 16 years.

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In this episode:

[3:29] From teacher to becoming your own boss

[11:29] I had a very expensive hobby!

[17:33] Six figure business in 9 MONTHS!

[22:37] How can I make your launches easier and your success bigger than mine? That’s how we support each other

[26:14] A library in Kenya…

[34:50] Laurie’s advice to help you just keep going

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 The One Thing by Gary Keller 

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