#40: How to Turn Your Small Business into Your Full Time Job

Do you ever dream about quitting your 9 to 5 and going all in on your small business?

Trust me, I get it! That's why on this episode of my podcast I'm chatting all about how to turn your small business into your full time job.

I go through the 4 strategies you need to move from 9 to 5 to the boss of your small business. This is your success strategy to stop dreaming and start doing. 

Plus, I have a free PDF download to help you implement these strategies in your own business that you can grab HERE!  

In this episode:

I remember the exact moment when I knew I was ready to quit my 9 to 5.

[5:08] Strategy #1: Find you money-makers

[6:55] Strategy #2: Make time to THRIVE in your business

[8:35] Strategy #3: Protect your thrive time

[10:08] Strategy #4: Grow your email list to grow your revenue!

Links in this episode:

Episode #14: You Need More than Passion in Business. You Need a Plan.

FREE Download: How to Turn Your Small Business into Your Full Time Job



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