#30: Married to an Entrepreneur with Mike Gaudet


This week, I’m joined by a really special guest. And it's actually my husband, Mike! 

I wanted to have a conversation about it's like to be partnered with someone who’s an entrepreneur when you’re not and what it takes in a relationship to make this life work. I don’t think enough people are talking about this from the spouse’s point of view. 

There’s always been this misconception that entrepreneurs lead such glamourous lives skipping down beaches and pulling in 6 or 7-figures. The reality is, it's so much more than that. It's really hard work, and it can take a toll on yourself and your family. 


In this episode:

[6:00] Rock n’ Roll to working for the government? 

[12:02] What’s the hardest part of being married to an entrepreneur?

[16:51] We both know I do not like working for other people

[20:31] Are there any benefits to being married to an entrepreneur?

[26:36] How has my focus on building my business impacted our marriage?

[32:32] Any advice to fellow spouses?

[35:44] Be supportive!


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[42:42] Impact: A Business Community for Passionate Entrepreneurs in the Making

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