#176: Legally Covering Your (Canadian) Business Butt with Corinne Boudreau

no bs business school May 23, 2023

Is your maple syrup loving butt covered in your business?

As online entrepreneurs, we're often laser-focused on building our brand, connecting with our audience, and delivering valuable content. But with all the excitement, it's crucial to remember the importance of protecting ourselves legally. That's why today, we have the incredible Corinne Boudreau joining us.

Corinne is a lawyer who specializes in helping Canadian online business owners "cover their butts" legally. She's here to share her wealth of knowledge on topics such as contracts, intellectual property, and other legal considerations that are crucial for protecting our businesses in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

In this episode, we...

  • explore the unique Canadian business landscape and the specific legal considerations that come with it
  •  the significance of tailored resources in safeguarding your Canadian online business
  • talk about Corinne's top tips and actionable advice for Canadian business owners

So whether you're just starting out as an online business owner or you're a seasoned pro looking to brush up on your legal foundations, this episode is a must-listen for running a business in Canada. We'll uncover valuable insights, practical tips, and actionable steps to ensure you're not only building a thriving business but also doing it legally and responsibly.

Make sure to check out her online template store exclusively for Canadian online business owners here: janditchfield.co/coveryourbutt

About Corinne Boudreau: 

Corinne has a knack for making things practical and easy to implement.  She enjoys sharing legal tips and stories on her podcast “Get it in Writing”.  Being a lawyer since 2002 has given Corinne perspective and experience to boil things down to the essentials. 

Corinne is originally from Cape Breton Island and lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia with her spouse, Martin, two teenagers Enya and Owen and new rescue pup, Kiwi. 

Corinne’s favourite hobby is playing the guitar with her band “The Mother Pluckers”.  Corinne's motto is "Work Hard. Have Fun. Give Back."

Follow her on the 'Gram @legalguidecorinne