#170: Embracing Vulnerability as a Woman in Business

May 05, 2023
If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have heard me talking about the rebranding process that I’m going through with my business.

I hired a branding expert whom I respect so much to lead this process and it’s been really exciting to walk through my dreams, visions and mission for my business.

But if I’m being honest, it’s also been really uncomfortable at times. It’s forced me to really have to look at my business and where I have gaps or misalignment in how I’m showing up for you.

And the biggest one that’s come up, is how I’m all business all the time, and I don’t pull the curtain back enough to show the other side of my life – the personal side…the more vulnerable side…and while my brain knows that I need to get better at this, man do I stink at it.

I have always struggled to blend vulnerability and business together and when I asked you how you felt about the topic, it was a resounding chorus of ME TOO!

So today, I wanted to have a discussion on embracing vulnerability as a woman in business, and take a look at why we struggle with this, and how to show up authentically while still maintaining our professionalism.

You'll hear...
>> How we can break down barriers and embracing vulnerability as women in business
>> My own journey working through unlearning perfectionism and how it's holding me back from showing up in my business
>> Powerful examples of successful female entrepreneurs who have embraced vulnerability and how it has helped them succeed

So let’s do this together…