#169: Rev Up Your Revenue: The Game-Changing Plan to Tighten Refunds and Ditch Payment Plans

no bs business school May 02, 2023

Want a surefire way to increase the revenue in your business without having to create more things to sell?

You're going to love this episode of the podcast! 

We're going to explore one thing to add, and one thing to remove from you business to increase your bottom line...

And both things come down to a small tweak to your systems ----> tightening your refund policy and eliminating payment plans. 

I'm breaking down...

  • The importance of creating a tight refund policy and how it can help build trust with your audience and increase sales
  • My best tips for balancing the need for a strong refund policy with the need to protect your business
  • How payment plans can be a headache for your business and a drain on your cash flow
  • Alternative strategies for making your products or services more accessible to your audience without having to wait to get paid

If you're looking for some actionable steps to tighten up how you're running your business that will lead to a better cash flow, this is the episode for you!

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