#151: Are Lead Magnets a Waste of Your Time? They Might Be.

no bs business school Mar 17, 2023

We've all seen them before - those free PDF downloads that promise to give you the secrets to success. But are they really effective in today's crowded online space?

On this episode, I'm breaking down why PDF lead magnets may not be the best choice and how you can start using different ways to grow you business.


  • Why lead magnets are an overused tactic that could be slowing your conversions instead of helping them
  • The reasons why your audience are more sceptical than in the past and how it might be holding them back from opting in to your lead magnet 
  • New ways to diversify your lead magnet strategy in order to stand out from the rest online 

Don't get stuck in the PDF trap! Jump into this episode where we're discussing the best ways to grow your audience and stand out in today's crowded online space.


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