#148: 8 Lessons I've Learned From Starting A Business in My 40s

Mar 08, 2023

I've realized a thing or two after starting business in my 40s. 

This week, I celebrated another birthday...my 48th to be exact. 

I tend to get a little nostalgic around this time of the year. Maybe because it's due to understanding my mother more at this age, or because I'm understanding myself more.

Either way, I've been thinking about the lessons that I've learned starting a business as a woman in her 40s...and there have been a few!

On this episode, I'm sharing...

  • How starting a business in my 40s has been a different journey than it was when I was younger
  • The power I have gained back by no longer allowing other people's opinions to influence how I view myself
  • Why I'm less phased by failure in my 40s than I ever was before 
  • How I'm paving my own path toward success without buying into the drama and trends that dominate the online space

If you're a woman who is navigating building a business online, tune into this episode for some real talk about breaking the glass ceiling so you can build a business you're proud of.


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