#144: I Took 2 Weeks Off From My Business and This is What I Learned

Feb 21, 2023

I took 2 weeks off from my business and escaped to the Caribbean with my family for a vacation...and it was very needed.

I didn't realize how close to burning out I was until I took this step back. As entrepreneurs, we tie so much of ourselves into our businesses, but don't always know when to take a step back so we can recharge.

Unplugging for 2 weeks was a first for me as a business owner and I learned some really important lessons that I'm sharing on this episode, including...

  • How taking time away from my business had no impact on its growth despite what I had been warned about
  • The clarity that time away brought me and how it allowed me to make better decisions when I returned to the office 
  • A very personal lesson that I needed to learn and how it impacted my identity as a women, and as a business owner

Jump into this very personal behind the scenes episode if you're looking for a little inspiration to take a step back from you business so you can regroup and recharge.


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