#13: Balancing Mom Guilt and Entrepreneurship

Apr 07, 2021

Hey you! On this episode I sat down to chat about mom guilt and building a business. As a mom and a business owner I know it can seem impossible to do both and be successful but, I assure you it is possible! Set your boundaries and set your schedule according to your family priorities and be unapologetic about it. Because you’re a mom first and a business owner second. 

Take a listen!

In this episode, Jan discusses:

[2:12] Building a business and leaving a legacy for your children

[5:12] You don’t need to do 60-hour work weeks!

[6:00] Boundaries in business… what is most important to you?

[9:33] The big three

[14:11] The Entrepreneur Conference 


Links mentioned in this episode:

[15:10] The Entrepreneur Conference

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