#120: How to Change Your Sales Mindset to Make More Money in Your Business w/ Helen Walker

Nov 25, 2022

When I say sales, you say? Sleazy? Pushy? Manipulative? If you're not a fan of selling, I get it! And so does my guest and good friend, Helen Walker.

As consumers it's normal to question the offers that are being sold to us and to be a little skeptical about the tactics that are being used to convince us to buy. But, when we carry those mindset issues into our business it can really slow down our growth.

In this episode, Helen and I unpack some of the biggest mindset blocks that we have as women in business that are holding us back from reaching our full potential.

We talk about...

  • When free content should end and payment should begin for our expertise 
  • How to get comfortable asking for money when you're a purpose-driven business owner
  • Why we need to learn to say 'no' more in business without explanation and set up better boundaries in our business practices
  • How to put reframe your thinking about selling so you can increase your sales without feeling unauthentic 

If you're struggling with your sales process and need some tough love to help you get your money mindset in place, this is the episode for you. 

About Helen Walker:

Helen Walker, self-confessed neuroscience geek, knows first hand how building a business brings challenges, overwhelming stress and impostor syndrome. Without the mental strength to manage her emotions, building her first business felt like an everyday uphill struggle. 

Now, Helen helps female entrepreneurs step off that emotional roller coaster and build unshakable self-belief giving them the confidence to show up be visible, overcome their fear of selling and finally charge what their programs and services are worth! 

Her transformational 6 month group coaching and accountability program, A Confident New You, gives women in business a practical psychological system to retrain their brain and reprogram unhelpful thoughts beliefs, emotions and behaviours. 

Helen is passionate about up-skilling women and providing the tools that will finally allow them to get out of their own way, get unstuck and create an extraordinary life and business they love.

Check her out on the web and follow her on the 'Gram!


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