#116: Automation Tips for the Smart Business Owner with Ruheene Jaura

Nov 11, 2022

My guest, Ruheene Jaura (aka The Bot Gal), joins me to share simple ways to implement automation into your business regardless of what stage it is at.

In this episode we talk about...

  • The importance of automating your online business, from content marketing to sales processes 
  • How small businesses can automate an incredible customer experience without a big budget, expensive team or burning out in the process 
  • The importance of automated lead nurturing and follow up sequences, and what they mean for your conversion rates (hello consistent sales!)

If you're ready to free up time in your business while still continuing to make sales, this is the episode that will help you learn how!

About Ruheene Jaura

Her superpower involves setting up marketing systems and automation for business owners who value their time above all else- and realize that scaling a business requires working smarter not harder. If you are an agency or small business looking to grow an email list and make more sales in a sustainable, systematic way, Ruheene has you covered.

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