#115: I'm Quitting Reels and This is Why

Nov 08, 2022

I’m quitting reels! At least for a while and I'm breaking down the why behind my decision on this episode of the show.

When reels first became a thing, I vowed I would never do them. I was so against the idea of them that I actually said once “my brand doesn’t do reels”. Which is laughable now, because if you follow me on social media you’ll know that I do a lot of reels.

As a business owner, I’m creating content because it’s part of my marketing plan to attract new leads into my world. So I’m always focused on making content that will grow my business opportunities and also nurture the people who I’m already connected with. 

But I’m also not a content creator – I’m a business owner, so I look at everything through the lens of what’s the return on investment. With reels, it takes a lot of time and when I was putting out 5 or more a week, that was a huge time investment. But when they were getting thousands of views and led to business, then it was worth it effort. 

Now I can spend a couple hours on a reel, put it out and it will get maybe a couple of hundred views…if I’m lucky. And with zero return on that investment, the data is speaking very loudly to me…it’s time for a change. 

So I’m quitting reels and this in this BTS episode I'm breaking down what I'm focusing on instead.

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