#114: How to Set Up Your 6-Figure Sales Funnel (Podcast Workshop Day 5)

Nov 04, 2022

5 Days to Clarify Your 6-Figure Sales Plan - Day #5

I've saved the best for last! We're talking about setting up your funnel on the final episode in this podcast series.

What I'm going to teach you today is what I specialize in. And, that's how to set up a sales funnel based on techniques that are only used in the charity sector and lead to conversion rates that produce consistent revenue.

In this last episode in my 5-part series, I'm breaking down how to set up the three phases of your campaign funnels - the Quiet phase, the Public Phase and the Solicitation Phase so you can reach your revenue goals.
In this episode you'll learn...​

  • How to set up the Quiet Phase of your campaign funnel so you can grow your leads
  • The best way to utilize your sales opportunities in the Public Phase of your funnel
  • The best tactics to use when you're in the Solicitation Phase of your funnel so you can close more sales 
  • A few of the top tips and tactics to optimize your funnels
  • Why tracking your data and leads will maximize your success and your conversions

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