#111: How to Set Sales Goals & Attract Leads with Ease (Podcast Workshop Day 2)

Nov 01, 2022

5 Days to Clarify Your 6-Figure Sales Plan - Day #2

Do you worry about where the money in your business is going to come from each month?

On the second episode in my podcast series, I'm breaking down how to establish your sales goals so you never need to worry about that again!

A well planned campaign strategy will lay out the roadmap for you to follow, and ultimately lead to financial success. But first, we need to set some targets to achieve.

On this episode, you'll learn...‚Äč

  • How to set your yearly revenue goals so you can reach them
  • How to framework your yearly campaign by breaking down the overall goal
  • Why understanding your data and knowing how to track the right things will ensure your success
  • How to set up your lead generation process that converts them to customers

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