#108: The 5 Reasons Why You're Not Making More Sales in Your Business

no bs business school Oct 25, 2022

Are you happy with the sales in your business? If your answer is no, then I'm going to break down the 5 reasons why you're probably not making the money you want.

Everything you do in your business should start with looking at your audience first, and if you're struggling to get sales then it might be because you're overlooking something that matters to them.

I'm dropping some advice on...

  • Making sure your offer is scalable 
  • Qualifying leads so you can have higher conversions
  • The difference between marketing and sales
  • Why you need to create more urgency in your sales process
  • How to optimize your funnel

If you're looking to close the gap in your sales system so you can focus your time more effectively on what works and less time on what doesn't, this is the episode for you. 


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