#6: Connecting Head and Heart in Business with Hélène Hébert

Jan 27, 2021

Hey you! This week I’m thrilled to be joined by a special guest, Hélène Hébert the founder of Hélène Hébert compagnie and graduate of the Side Hustle Academy. We sat down to talk about her journey that brought her from having a very successful career as a nuclear engineer to launching her own business where she teaches aspiring and experienced gardeners how to live more sustainably by growing more food at home indoors and out all-year-round. Hélène has a remarkable story to tell about being a working mother, living in the remote north in Canada and how we can create community while digging in the dirt.  

During this episode Jan discusses:

[2:51]: Meet Hélène Hébert. 

[7:55] How living in Northern Canada became the catalyst to Hélène’s journey as an entrepreneur. 

[11:47] Combining your head and your heart in business in order to be financially secure.    

[13:47] How to make long lasting changes in society through business.  

[16:32] The shift in people’s needs and desires since the pandemic happened.  

[21:53] Overcoming fear as a first-time entrepreneur.  

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Resources mentioned in this episode:

[13:34] Side Hustle Academy Sneak Peek 

[1:20] Hélène Hébert compagnie

Episode transcript: Transcript of the episode’s audio.  

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