#4: Motherhood, Blogging and Marketing Success with Rebecca Stanisic

Jan 13, 2021

Hey you! On this episode of Hey Spark Plug!, I sit down with writer, speaker, and digital content creator Rebecca Stanisic to talk every thing from motherhood, blogging and how Rebecca became an online marketing success. We chat in-depth about navigating and aligning your motherhood goals with professional goals, how they are both equal priorities and the most common marketing mistakes that early entrepreneurs make.

During this episode Jan discusses:

  • [2:14]: Meet Rebecca! Blogger, freelance writer and a content creator and strategist powerhouse. 
  • [4:01] Rebecca’s transition in motherhood from working outside the home to monetizing her blog and her journey to entrepreneurship. 
  • [8:43] The concept of balance and navigating your priorities. 
  • [15:06] Am I crazy to try and think that I can start a business while raising a child?
  • [18:00] “Can it be done? Of course it can be done. It can't be done magickly” – Rebecca Stanisic
  • [19:53] Understanding of where your audience is and where you need to be.
  • [23:42] Speak your truth and sell with your heart. 
  • [26:35] Getting the message out for the first time. Advice on how to Authentically represent yourself and your brand.

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All about Rebecca:

Rebecca is a writer, speaker, and digital content creator. She's been blogging on her parenting website, A Little Bit of Momsense, since 2009 and for almost as many years has helped fellow bloggers and small business owners create and curate relevant, intentional digital content that helps them meet their goals and grow their business.  She's the proud mom of two, living in Ottawa, and is fueled by fiction and coffee.   

Connect with Rebecca:



@bitofmomsense (on all social channels)

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rebeccastanisic/ 


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