#3: How To Align Your Why with Your Business Goals to Create a Profit

Jan 06, 2021


In this episode of Hey Spark Plug!, Jan discusses in depth her why for stating her business and how her why translates to her ideal customer to create profits in her business. Jan gives you three easy and actionable steps to help narrow down how to align your passions in order to increase your profits.

During this episode Jan discusses:

  • [7:40] Step 1: Getting clear on your why. Writing out the reasons why you want to start a business or have started your business.
  • [9:50] Step 2: How your why can lead you to your ideal customer. Understanding who's going to buy from you, and why they are going to care about what you are selling
  • [15:10] Step 3: Outlining what Benefits your why delivers to your ideal customer. Look at your why and how it will add value to the customers experience.

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