Capital Campaign Formula 

A proven and highly strategic sales system that takes you step by step through how to create a 6-figure annual campaign plan for a product, service or program based business.  

Capital Campaign Formula is the only personalized coaching program of its kind on the market that not only teaches you how to create a 12-month sales plan based on conversion techniques only used in the charity sector, but also what to say and the exact actions to take in order to create highly engaged campaigns that result in consistent 6-figure years in your business time and time again. 


Before I Tell You About This Transformational Program, Let's Talk About Who This Is For...

You're an ambitious business owner ⁣with no shortage of drive, but you're tired of being told that the only way to grow your business is by forcing it into a mold that doesn't align with you or your business.

Whether you're...

  • the owner of a product, service or program business that you've been trying to grow, but are burned out from trying all of the online guru tactics that never get you the results you want

  • exhausted from creating endless funnels and are dreaming of a business where you can balance your desire to hustle with real life

  • looking for a clear system that is easy to implement, feels authentic to run and leads to predictable annual revenue time and time again 

  • dreaming of being able to cultivate meaningful connections with your audience (no matter the size) that transforms them into super fans of your business

You're in the right place because in this 6-week personalized coaching program, I'm not going to teach you another traditional funnel or offer launch everyone else. ⁣

I'm going to teach you how to build a capital campaign sales plan that is going to take your conversion rates to levels that you never even dreamed of!⁣

By the end of this 6-week coaching program you will have...

Solidified your business foundations

by getting crystal clear on the problem you solve and how to align that with the transformation your customers are seeking that results in more sales.

Established your most profitable opportunities 

by outlining your campaign goals, analyzing your data, frameworking your yearly campaign plan and utilizing your database.

Created your lead conversion strategy 

by learning how to use charitable techniques to prospect for your ideal customer and cultivate relationships that lead to out of this world conversion rates.

Designed your profit focused funnels

that turns followers into fans and helps them move effortlessly through your sales process without feeling pushy or inauthentic. 

Built a campaign plan that generates results

by establishing your community cultivation magnet and knowing what to say and when to say it that results in consistent sales no matter the size of your following.

Worked your customized plan to launch to profit

so you're guaranteed to get consistent 6-figure revenue in your business year after year with zero ad spend.

Tara M. Stewart, Professional Organizer

"I know how many moving parts there are to developing and marketing an online program but the cookie cutter "how to launch your online course" from Instagram Influencers didn't give me the impression they would truly care about the success of my business. What makes Jan the real deal is she has launched successful offers again and again, so you KNOW that she has walked the walk and understands what works and what doesn't. I know that when she says 'I understand' she MEANS IT and when says says 'I've got you' she does. I believe Jan is truly the best investment I've made in my business since I started in 2020."

Capital Campaign Formula Transforms Lives and It's OPEN for Enrollment

(but get in soon because there are only 10 seats available...) 

Let's Chat About Capital Campaign Formula!

If you're looking for a supportive, results driven program then let's talk to see if Capital Campaign Formula is right for your business! Book a free call with me to talk about how I can help you grow your business authentically.


My Students Make Big Things Happen

Tara Gratto, Raising Resilient Children

"When I started working with Jan I was bogged down and mentally defeated trying to apply advice that didn’t fit me or my market. Right from the beginning she took the time to understand my business, to look at my funnels, and give me feedback I could work with. She doesn’t just throw advice out there and hope you understand it enough to use it. It’s clear she has vast experience and I finally feel like I’m not trying to be squished into a mold that doesn’t work for me or my business. I am truly grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to work with one-on-one with Jan and I feel confident it’s changing the trajectory and impact of my business." 

What's Inside Capital Campaign Formula 


Dial in Your Foundational Five

Here's where you're going to focus on the 5 most important aspects of your business foundations that will lead to your long-term success. In this module, I'm going to teach you how to get total clarity around what you do and who you serve in your business.  

You're going to get on the fast track to understanding what motivates your ideal customer to make a buying decision and how to connect that to your overall campaign strategy. 


Establish Your Campaign Goals

In this module, you're going to learn how to outline your annual campaign goals and understand your data so you can reach them effortlessly. 

You'll framework your yearly campaign plan, and set up your launch runway so you can learn how to raise large amounts of revenue in a very focused time period. 


Create Your Community Cultivation Magnet

This is all about learning how to surprise and delight your potential customers by creating a cultivation funnel that leads to conversions

Here is where you'll learn the behind-the- scene charitable secrets that lead to 20, 30 and 50%+ conversion rates regardless of the size of your following.


Set Up Your Quiet Phase Funnel


In this module, you'll learn how to establish the first phase of your campaign funnel that guarantees you 50-70% of your revenue

You'll learn how to create a social media funnel that draws people into your campaign funnel and where to spend your efforts so it results in revenue.


Create Your Public Phase Funnel

Can you imagine never having to wonder where you revenue will come from again? High five to that!

In this module, you'll learn how to use a lead tracker to increase your conversions and how to set up a VIP experience that WOWS your potential customers.

Plus, you'll nail your email funnel and learn how to optimize your cart open days by using stewardship techniques that the gurus can't teach you. 


Execute & Measure Your Campaign Success

Get ready to set things on fire in this module! Who knew campaigning could be this simple AND profitable.

You'll learn how to manage your campaign so you can keep them on track and profitable. Plus, you'll learn how to breakdown your launch to find new opportunities and increase double your revenue each time you roll out a campaign. 

When you enroll during this special, limited time period, you'll get...

Capital Campaign Formula

6 Weeks of Private Coaching

that converts followers to customers and amplifies your business and sales goals authentically. 

6 Execution Modules

showing you everything you need to know to utilize your campaign plan so you can earn consistent 6-figure revenue in your business.

A next level sales tracking system

that forever removes the confusion of how to run a  successful campaign and turn your leads into super fans.

A step-by-step campaign plan

showing you the exact steps to take to take your conversion rates to the next level even with a small audience.

 You'll be given access to the full course, plus have weekly 1:1 coaching sessions with me to personalize your campaign plan and maximize your success.

I do this to help remove the overwhelm while helping to keep you on track to reaching your goals.

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Plus You'll Get These Extras To Help You Take Your Campaign to the Next Level (and beyond!)


6 Weeks of Private Coaching Sessions with Jan on Zoom Plus Access to a Private Voxer Channel for Questions in-between Sessions

Get unbelievable support that will help you keep moving forward as your build your 6-figure campaign plan.

  • 6 weeks of private coaching sessions to help you customize your campaign strategy and work through any roadblocks.
  • A private Voxer channel to ask Jan questions or get support in-between your coaching session so you can keep moving forward with confidence. 
  • A safe space to overcome self doubt and frustrations as a business owner while having your very own highly experienced business expert cheering you on toward the finish line.  


70+ Templates and Prompts to Set Up your Funnels, Email Marketing and Social Media Planning

Never have to worry again...'what am I supposed to say?'

  •  10+ Email Templates you can customize during the quiet and public phases of your campaign to maximize your conversions.
  • Over 60 Social Media Prompts & Captions that directly align to fill your community cultivation magnet funnel and sales funnel.
  • Dive into a bank of cultivation and stewardship tactics taken directly from the charity sector which results in creating super fans from your followers.


Customizable Campaign Database and Lead Tracker

Set yourself up for success time and time again in your campaign plan.

  • When you enroll in Capital Campaign Formula, you'll get a customizable database to track your leads and your funnel actions. 
  • Set up your campaign strategy for success with the same system I use in my business that leads to 20-35% conversion rates effortlessly. 
  • Learn how to manage and cultivate your leads like a pro, while never feeling like you're being salesy. 

When you add it all up, that's 6-weeks of coaching, 6 modules, 70+ templates and a personalized campaign database!

You can access one of ONLY 10 seats and enroll in the Capital Campaign Formula today...


Jennie Stehli, CALYgirl STYLD

"Working with Jan elevated my business to a whole new level. Her expertise knowledge and insight to all things business building is on a level of it’s own. I have spent thousands of dollars on masterminds and business courses and have never received even a fraction of the business, marketing and sales advice, and guidance as I have from Jan."

This is what the online gurus can't teach you...

After 20+ years in business development primarily in the charity sector, I learned really quickly how to create a sales plan that converted.

20+ million dollars later, I'm breaking down that entire strategy in my new program that leads to consistent annual revenue no matter the size of your audience.

It's the same plan I used then and the same one I use now in my own business that results in 30%+ conversion rates and took me from zero to 6-figures with an audience of 1300 on IG and an email list of less than 500.

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on advertising or chase all the current trends to have a profitable business.

What you need is to understand how to create a campaign plan that leads to consistent revenue, while creating meaningful relationships with the people you serve. 

There is no cookie cutter approach to business. If you’re looking to create something magical for yourself and your family, I’m here to help show you how.

x Jan


There Are Only 10 Seats In Capital Campagin Formula - Get Yours Before It's Gone!


Gabriella Milgrom

"I walked into the 1:1 work with Jan thinking that if I could just understand how it all fit together that it would be well worth the investment; well it’s safe to say I got that and so much more. Not only do I understand HOW it all fits together, I understand myself and my business and what makes me uniquely different and the RIGHT person to teach in my zone of genius, as well as where my clients are and how to resonate with them. Working with Jan has given me hope. Hope that I can change the trajectory of my business, and the knowledge and positivity that what I have to teach and offer is valuable and needed."