Introducing Your Complete A-Z Revenue Roadmap

A proven, ethical sales system that helps online business owners design and implement a 6-figure annual revenue strategy that's repeatable, scalable and sustainable.   

Before I Tell You About This Transformational Program, Let's Talk About Who This Is For...

You're an ambitious business owner ⁣with no shortage of drive, but you're tired of being told that the only way to grow your business is by forcing it into a mold that doesn't align with you or your business.

Whether you're...

  • the owner of a product, service or program online business that you've been trying to grow, but are burned out from trying all of the online guru tactics that never get you the results you want

  • exhausted from creating endless funnels and are dreaming of a business where you can balance your desire to hustle with real life

  • looking for a clear system that is easy to implement, feels authentic to run and leads to predictable annual revenue time and time again 

  • dreaming of being able to cultivate meaningful connections with your audience (no matter the size) that transforms them into super fans of your business

You're in the right place because in this 12-week group coaching program, I'm not going to teach you another traditional funnel or offer launch everyone else. ⁣

I'm going to teach you how to build a sales plan that is going to take your conversion rates to levels that you never even dreamed of!⁣

By the end of this group coaching program you will have...

Solidified your business foundations

by getting crystal clear on the problem you solve and how to align that with the transformation your customers are seeking that results in more sales.

Established your most profitable opportunities 

by outlining your campaign goals, analyzing your data, frameworking your yearly campaign plan and utilizing your database.

Created your lead conversion strategy 

by learning how to use charitable techniques to prospect for your ideal customer and cultivate relationships that lead to out of this world conversion rates.

Designed your profit focused funnels

that turns followers into fans and helps them move effortlessly through your sales process without feeling pushy or inauthentic. 

Built a sales plan that generates results

by establishing your community cultivation magnet and knowing what to say and when to say it that results in consistent sales no matter the size of your following.

Worked your customized plan to launch to profit

so you're guaranteed to get consistent 6-figure revenue in your business year after year with zero ad spend.

Chef Rafael & Toni Gonzalez

"We started working with Jan after feeling pretty let down by other online experts who just gave us pieces of the business puzzle. With her hands-on coaching (even as she was on vacation with family in Jamaica), we launched our first digital product together. We got a whopping 22% conversion rate…without any paid ads or fancy webinars."